woman responsible for own chastity and dignity in relationship :HP High Court


The Himachal Pradesh High Court has ruled that a woman was not expected to throw herself to a man and that it was primarily her responsibility to protect her own dignity and modesty in a relationship.

The order was made while the high court was hearing a plea filed by a woman, who alleged that the accused, who is a married man, had forced her into a physical relationship on the pretext of marriage for over a year.  The court said that when the victim knew about the accused being married, she should have restrained herself and “not indulge in intimate activities” The court also said that the accused was known to the woman and the case is a clear example of a relationship gone sour.

According to reports, Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan said that documents suggested that the accused and the victim were more than “just friends”. The court said: “No doubt, it is the responsibility, moral and ethical both, on the part of a man not to exploit any woman by compelling or inducing her for sexual relationship. But then it is ultimately the woman herself who is the protector of her own body. Therefore, her prime responsibility is to ensure that in a relationship, her own dignity and modesty is protected. A woman is not expected to throw herself to a man and indulge in promiscuity, thereby becoming a source of hilarity. It is for her to maintain her purity, chastity and virtues.”


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