Aadhar card can’t be used for all services for now: Supreme Court


The Aadhar Card can’t be utilized to profit more administrations, such as opening financial balances and getting telephone associations, for the time being, the Supreme Court managed today, alluding a request by the Center to a bigger seat.

Right now, the card can be utilized just to avail endowments under the general population conveyance framework and acquiring lamp oil and cooking gas and that, as well, willfully.

For the present the decision will stay, until a Constitution seat hears the case. The Center is prone to move the court tomorrow to shape the bigger seat.

After a large number of hits to the one of a kind character or UID program, the Center, Reserve Bank of India, securities exchange guard dog SEBI, telecom controller TRAI, and various states moved the Supreme Court for broadening the deliberate utilization of Aadhar card to different administrations.

The administration’s aspiring UID plan has been tested in court over security worries since it utilizes biometric information like unique mark and iris checks.

The court had as of now alluded a related open deliberation about whether security is a crucial right to a constitution seat.

In a two-hour-long listening to yesterday, high dramatization unraveled in court with warmed trades between Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, speaking to the Center, and tested by legal counselor Shyam Diwan.

The Attorney General contended that when individuals are readied to renounce the privilege to protection for profiting a “bigger advantage” why ought to court “obstruct?”

Speaking to candidates Justice KS Puttaswamy and a NGO, Nagarik Chetna Manch, legal advisor Shyam Diwan contended that Right to Privacy, whether it is for poor people or the ignorant, is “holy and can’t be bargained”.



One thought on “Aadhar card can’t be used for all services for now: Supreme Court

  1. Suma Gopalakrishna

    This Nandan Nilekani used my gas agency did some logic and got this Aadhar card approved for gas connections. Now he sends some prostitutes to my bank, and is trying to get it approved for digital India purpose. I am writing this for the information of Supreme Court and lawyers like Harish Salve who know the negative aspects of Aadhar card. I can challenge that the code of Aadhar is rubbish code.

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