Nuns can’t be forced by the government to continue adoption work


Shruti Sharma//article-0-0E6363E400000578-723_468x394

There has been a strong criticism by Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi for a recent decision of Missionaries of Charity to discontinue adoption work. But, on the other hand, legal experts have given a more balanced note in the favor of charitable organization. Gandhi commented that, “ Adoption guidelines clearly stated that a single parent can adopt a child. I suspect that MoC is taking the plea to send out abandoned children abroad or to Christian homes.” Lawyers however, on this view raised a point that Gandhi had no right to force MoC to continue adoptions.  Senior solicitor from Mumbai Chandu Mehta said, “The minister cannot compel a voluntary organization to continue its work even if the minister may feel that such discontinuance is a way to avoid compliance of guidelines.” Veteran family law lawyers Mridula Kadam and Mrinalini Deshmukh too they did not agree with the minister. “While national guidelines are important to bring in ease and transparency in the adoption process, yet it isn’t for a minister to force any voluntary organization to continue its work,” Kadam said.

Source: Times of India, 14th October,2015


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