There is no violation of fundamental rights in beef banning: An Article

By Prashant Bhargava::cow-passport_3253260b

According to the early concept of Hindutava one should not eat the slaughter of cows or beef or any kind of meat. According to them it is a considered as a sinful activity not only from the eating of beef but also any kind of eating non-veg thing. Our government on one hand says that we have the Animals Preservation Laws to protect them from harassment or trafficking or slaughtered them for meat but on other hand they are allowing non-veg items but except beef so where are the rules gone.

As our country is largest democratic country in the world having a diversity of religion and culture, which is having a Hindu dominate country. So we must not follow, which did its people not follow.

According to some recent research it was shown that it is beneficial not to eat beef because by cooking 1Kg of beef we will harm environment, as if 160 Km of driving of car will do. We must save cows because their milk provide protein, vitamin-D, carbohydrates which is very beneficial for immune system and hence give strength to fight with diseases and their urine will treat diseases like Cancer and even their dung is beneficial for bio-compost their compost will absorb up to 50% of water if mixed with the soil which will allow farmers not to use underground water. Now this topic has become the very significant and a political issue among the National parties. They are using this topic to raise their vote bank. Now recently the BJP government has stopped sale of Beef which has raised many question for the government that why they had taken such a decision. However, the declaration that all Hindus oppose cow slaughter is untrue. There were some announcement made by the Mohan Dharavath, President, Dalit Adivasi Bahujan and Minority Students Association that Dalits and tribals have always eaten beef in the regular eaten items. They think that it is the cheapest and protein richly food they can have.

India is a land of many cultures and we must not force our opinion on other religious persons as well. The other person asked that, why other animal’s slaughter should not be banned? Why other animals should not be given importance? They had given the importance to cows because they think that the cow urine used as medicine and cow dung were used as pesticide. Correspondingly we do not have that usage from any other animal like goat or chicken. Some people argue that they eat non-veg to stop imbalance in the Eco-system in the Biological world.

A pig or chicken may have 7-8 babies but a cow can have only 1 calf at one time. So if you stop slaughtering cows it is not going to cause any unevenness in the Eco system. We have to educate people that merely beef is not the richly protein source available in the market. We have to make them learn that even after the cow stop giving milk, it can be even be used for some other purpose. Without educating people the banning of something is of no use. I don’t think Banning beef wouldn’t stop cow slaughter. They will still be slaughtered and just because of this ban the cow meat will be sold more in black.
Firstly, the India is the only homeland for Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs or Jains. Despite of that it allowed every religious practice in India unlike other nations, which follow only Muslim or Christian homogeneousness and some other miniscule minorities. It can be seen that Jains, Parsis, Sikhs or Buddhists have become minority. If Hindu religious thoughts are not cherished in India then where else can they practice their customs, rituals or tradition? The Hindus have become too much liberal and ideal when it comes to religion. The lack of aggression makes Hindus insecure and a fear to lose their homeland.

A cow gives uncountable gifts in the form of ghee, milk, yoghurt, urine and dung, which is necessary for the spiritual and economic advancement of human society. The dung from cow and bull makes a soil fertile and a healthy soil can make fruitful gifts for the human being. What if we feed pork does not it hurt them in the same way that beef hurt us. It is our religious opinion to not to eat beef and we cannot compromise with it. I don’t know why people want to eat beef irrespective of it they can eat meat, dog, chicken or mutton. If people saying that beef contains more protein then I have a advice for them that they should take protein powder or tablet which is far less expensive then beef and hardly there are few percentage of people who are opposing the ban and the government does not need a secular certificate from these few percentage of people.

The ban violates our fundamental rights, as it is not in accordance with our constitution as it is a primary food for some community. It violates our Article 14(Equality before Law), 21(Protection of Life and Personal Liberty), 26(Freedom to manage religious Affairs) and 29(Protection of Interests of Minorities).

The government can ban killing and consuming of the animals, which are endangered species. It’s okay that the cow is the mother of Hindus but India is not Hindu State, it’s a Secular state. Every religion can consume whatever they want providing they are not in the process of Cannibalism and into bizarre and endangered species. The most important is that the government should maintain peace and make everyone feel safe and not partial between religions. No, it is constitutional though one may argue the rationality behind it. Initially, the Cow Massacre is prohibited in many states of India and in Maharashtra since 1976. The ban is extended to even Bulls and for the Buffalo is still allowed. The Meat totally has not been barred completely. The Forbidding of beef does not contravene the fundamental rights of any civilian of India.

According to my opinion, the prohibition of Beef is in the purview of Constitution and to show Secular does not mean you evade the opinion of a religion that dominates 70% of the nation. The few community are experiencing of reservation in each field according to their religion, “No other state of secular nation have given reservation according to religion” and you still want secular administration. The cow is the spiritual creature for us and we used to drink its milk. It has been instituted through modern studies at agricultural universities that if the same feedstuff comprehending DDT, BHC and other pesticides is given to the cow and buffalo, the milk of cow comprise only 5% of DDT and BHC, while that of buffalo comprises 12% of the same, that’s why we called it mother of Hindus1. Therefore, there is no violation of fundamental rights in beef banning.


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