The 3rd KSOL National Parliamentary Debate Competition 2016, Tarka Samuha

12421357_10201054255434847_1920519672_n (1)

TARKA SAMUHA – The Debating Society of KIIT School of Law is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of its Parliamentary Debate tournament this March in Bhubaneswar! (4-6 March). Details are as follows

  • The debate is going to be conducted in the Asian  Parliamentary Debate style i.e 3 v 3  (Open – Crosses allowed).
  • There is a team capacity of 32 teams and the n+ rule shall be followed for the adjudication.
  • Independent adjudicators are allowed to participate as well.
  • The teams shall be allotted slots on first come first serve basis interested participants are to register slots for themselves by filling up the google form.
  • It shall be open  tournament, hence we allow the participation of non-institutional cross team as well.


Winner- INR 50,000

1st Runner Up-30,000

Semi-Finalist Teams-INR 20,000 each


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