Supreme Court: Frequent digging of roads a nuisance


The Supreme Court finds digging and re-digging of roads by various government and civic agencies in the Capital a big nuisance and blamed lack of coordination between various departments for it.

 “We agree it is happening everywhere. We are not saying you are wrong. We also see it. Water authority people come, they start digging and few days after they leave, telephone department people come and they also start digging at the same place,” a bench headed by Chief Justice T S Thakur said.

 “It is all a matter of governance. We agree there is no coordination between the agencies,” said the Chief Justice while hearing a PIL filed by one Roshan Chapagain seeking directions to end the menace which is causing difficulties to many.

 SC, however, refused to entertain the PIL saying the Delhi High Court was better equipped to deal with the issue. “Now we have to start monitoring digging of roads also? Then what happens to important cases. You can better approach the Delhi High Court. You also get hold of your MLAs, MPs in this regard. They may be of help,” CJI Thakur told Chapagain’s lawyer V P Appan.

 Appan submitted that multiple agencies controlled by both state and central government deal with various public utilities like gas pipes, water lines, telephone and sewer lines and the solution was a totally separate permanent utility corridor.

 “This apart, 1,100 people died falling in potholes left open for various repair works in Delhi in the past two years. These issues require urgent attention,” he told the court.



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