The Lords Advocate hiring Students & Professionals in various posts for its International Journal in association with Lexkhoj


The Lords Advocate is a student run organization working for the development of legal studies and research. And to achieve their objective of developing high level of legal scholarship and research, it has launched its journal IJARLS in association with LexKhoj which is one of the fastest growing law portal in the country.

International Journal of Advanced Research in Law & Social Science (ISSN 2455 – 491x) is a peer reviewed ‘Online Quarterly’ Journal which will  publish the papers based on the contemporary issues of law and social science.

The selection on vacancies for the post given below will be purely C.V based and the tenure will be for complete 1 year.

  1. Associate Editor(s) :


  • The applicant must be affiliated to a recognized Law College.
  • The applicant must have strong research skill.
  • He/ she must possess strong command over English language.
  • The most important of all, the applicant must have good knowledge of microsoft word and should know content editing and formatting.
  • Edit for substances, grammar, style and clarity.
  • Check the footnotes and text conform to the citation style.

Associate Editor(s) will be tasked primarily with the job of reviewing the article, checking the quality and plagiarism (if any) and prepare the review report on the same. Also, they shall also be given the job of sending invites and managing account of the journal.  Also they have to perform first edits of the articles for the journal.

  1. Research Associate(s) :

Requirements –

  • Review some paper’s in your research interests.
  • Promotion of IJARLS in your college.
  • Promotion of IJARLS in your area of influence.
  • Gather or Recommend high quality of research papers or Articles.
  1. Editor(s) :


  • Accept submissions and assign submissions to appropriate Associate Editors for review.
  • Proofread and check the argument and logical flow of articles.
  • Edit for substances, grammar, style and clarity.
  • Check the structure and coherence of the article.
  • Check the footnotes and text conform to the citation style.
  • Take updates from Associate Editors about the work in progress.

Editorial Board is particular about the deadline given and expects the applicant to adhere to the same while he/she promotes the Journal personally. He/she shouldn’t disclose the abstract’s/ Articles provided to them by the board for the review.

Interested students may submit their C.V along with the cover letter to the journal’s Id – or on or before 17th Feb, 2015.

Cover Letter should include your undertaking to the Editorial Board that the Article(s) sent to the Editor and Associate Editor for the review will be kept confidential and not be source to any person/ authority which may infringe the copyright of the Journal/Article.

The Facebook Page of the journal can be accessed here –

The Website can be accessed here –

For any queries contact – Varun Suri, 8447163608


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