The Reality of Salary Packages And Misleading Article on An Analysis By Tanuj Kalia

LEXKHOJ logoMainstream media regularly publish stories about the 12 lakh plus per annum salaries at the big law firms and companies. These figures do not present the complete picture of salary figures applicable to most law graduates. This often misleads the gullible law aspirants and their parents into believing that these plum job offers are the sure-shot fruits of passing out from a top law school.

Tanuj Kalia is the founder of Lawctopus, and has authored a book titled ‘Law as a Career’. Published by LexisNexis, the book is a guide for students keen on pursuing a career in law. Recently WittyFeed published an Article titled 10 Clever Reasons Why Law Is the Sexiest Profession, comparing salary package of NLU graduate and IIT graduates. Mr.Tanuj Kalia has shared his opinion on the above mentioned article. We are duly authorized to publish his opinion on Lexkhoj.

It’s entrance exam time. Coaching institutions will now tell why a particular career is ‘the’ career to opt for and why a particular college is ‘the’ college to spend the next half a decade of your life in.

However, it is important that a ‘true’ picture of careers and colleges be presented to the students.

Thus, it’s shocking that, articles like this one on WittyFeed 10 Clever Reasons Why Law Is The Sexiest Profession!are not only being published and shared widely but also being promoted by some noted CLAT Mentors.

This above mentioned article, which is a sponsored article by LST/ states:

An average salary of an IITian is 8.5 to 10 Lakhs. But for a law student it is 15 Lakhs on an average. We’ve got a clear winner, everybody!

Is the average salary of a law graduate 15 lakhs/annum? Surely not. It’s more like Rs. 15,000/month.

(Ask a fresh lawyer working at the Delhi High Court, and on an average, the salaries being paid to them are between Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 25,000/month).

The bar graph accompanying the sentence quotes another figure, Rs. 11-14 lakhs/annum. This is for a ‘Lawyer from NLU’. So, according to the article, salary of a fresh lawyer is Rs. 15 lakhs/annum but salary of NLU graduates is Rs. 11-14 lakhs per annum. Surprise, surprise!

Lets set little issues aside and come to the crux of it.

Is the average salary of a lawyer from NLU Rs. 11-14 lakhs/annum? That might be true for graduates of top 3-4 NLUs (it still looks pretty high) but the placement situation in the bottom ranked NLUs (the bottom 8-9!) is bleak.

How bleak? Sample these statistics

Out of the 81 graduates of NLU Odisha (2015 batch) who opted for placements only 24 got jobs! See here.5 of these jobs were at Pangea3, an LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) company.

Out of 63 graduates of CNLU Patna (2014 batch) only 17 got jobs. See here. 5 of these jobs were at Quislex, an LPO company.

Additional note: there are around 200-300 (only!), top law firm/company jobs out there which pay 10-15 lakhs/annum. These will go to top rankers/high achievers from top NLUs and top rankers/high achievers from other good law colleges.

For more details on salaries taken by law graduates, do read my article here.

The article on WittyFeed also claims that Law is a Sexy profession because the road to IITs is a 3 step process while cracking CLAT is a one hit process. Now, come on! I thought we were talking about an article on ‘Law as a Profession’ and logic had some place in it.

Another reason why ‘Law is the Sexiest Profession’, according to the article, is that lawyers look cool in TV serials! I rest my case here.

FULL DISCLOSURE: CLATapult, a sister concern of Lawctopus, is into CLAT coaching.

I am myself product of LST. I loved my time there and continue to respect the institution.

Article Previously published HERE


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