Legal Officer: ITM Group of Institution

Current openingThe ITM Group was founded at Mumbai by Dr. P.V. Ramana in 1991, as the Institute for Technology and Management. ITM is one of the first truly private, non-aided and not-for-profit b-schools in India. ITM quickly expanded its footprint, establishing its Bangalore campus in 1992, Chennai in 1993 and Warangal in 1994. In the years to come, several institutions, including the ITM Global Leadership Center (2002) and ITM Institute of Financial Markets (2003) were added to the group portfolio. ITM is also a premier provider of executive education, with the presence of ITM Executive Education Centers in Mumbai and Chennai.   

Job description

E-journalism and branding exercises
Diary (Docket and Case) Management

Office listing of matters, coordinating with department, ITM units, advocates and other agencies

Online data compilation, (liase with for different units of ITM and external agencies for the document and process flow
General search of trademark/Marketing (linkedin, facebook and other publication pages)
Data and cases to different websites.
Case studies.
Liase with counsel and court visit


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