One Can Take Law Into Hands As Supreme Court Expands The Scope Of Right To Self-Defence

39_-_SHUTTER_STOCK_qfokclIn a significant judgment that expands the boundaries of the right to self-defence, the Supreme Court has ruled that a person would be right in taking the law into his hands if he witnessed his parents or relatives being assaulted.

 The landmark ruling came in the case of two persons who had been convicted by the trial court for assaulting some of their neighbours in the villagers. The Rajasthan high court upheld their conviction and sentenced them to two years’ rigorous imprisonment.
But the Supreme Court bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Shiva Kirti Singh found the facts to be a little different: It was true that the two convicts had assaulted others, but police failed to point out why the two had resorted to assault and how they had so many injury marks on their bodies, the SC reasoned while acquitting the two of all charges.


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