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There are many online law portals for the benefit of law students. These portals help in enhancing the legal knowledge, awareness, legal news and more. The purpose behind making this colleagues “Law Updater” are exceedingly dedicated to their work and continually bring some remarkable open doors for law understudies that help them in cleaning their abilities and identity furthermore permit them to pick up an expert touch whilst contemplating. It upgrades law understudies and others, over the globe with all the most recent lawful news and graduate school corner news with numerous more appealing components and offices including current issue containers and motivational recordings from the legitimate clique.

Law Updater is the ideal portal for law students because it has diverse opportunities. One can get an opportunity to do truly astonishing temporary jobs under the top law offices, likewise a chance to take an interest in different paper presentations, go to conferences & various online courses, and get most recent updates on legal news , legal videos, current affairs and loads more. Apart from these, one can also get a chance to do certain online  legal internships and online certificate courses that would be of great help for law students as one will be benefiting with things like get an internship certificate that will increase the value of your resume, avail letter of recommendation, get interpersonal abilities, group administration, presentation aptitudes, also, you can recognize yourself as ARTICLE PUBLISHER in your email signature, LinkedIn, Face book and different spots. Visit Law Updater today and explore how it can benefit you in so many ways.


The internship course at Law Updater is for a period of 2 months wherein the legal intern would get to experience important task from all related legal sections namely;

1)    Article writing section

2)    Case analysis

3)    Drafting Assignments and Agreements

4)    Miscellaneous

These four sections are really a boon for law students because these let a student experience the professional side. All these modules are divided into a period of 2 weeks each and the task for the same will be assigned to each intern by the assigned coordinators at Law Updater. Toward the end of 2 months, every understudy will be required to present a far-reaching report on the aggregate work done that would be endorsed by the master group at Law Updater after which a declaration will be issued to hopefuls.



For law understudies composing abilities are imperative. Article composing is to upgrade your insight and expertise as well as be useful for the general public that would become more acquainted with about specific things with the assistance of your written work. Composing lawful articles is a superb approach to set up or improve your notoriety for being a learned, trusted lawyer. Writing is something that lasts forever and a law student must specifically learn the skill of writing articles. Law Updater provides you with an opportunity to write your own article and also get a chance to get it published that will eventually add up to your resume. So join the course and gain an edge over others.


 No matter how many law books you go through or how many bare acts you have read there is always a different approach that is to be applied while analyzing any case. Case briefing is that art that will always help a law student to excel on the professional front and such briefing can only be perfect when you know those real tactics of doing a case analysis. Join the course at Law Updater and learn the tips and tricks of case analysis and get ahead of others.


Agreements & Contracts have constantly shaped a noteworthy part of any business, and along these lines have constantly framed a basic/fundamental part of business prosecutions. Therefore the value of a good draftsman cannot be undermined. It may sound easy to people but it is actually very technical and time taking to draft an agreement because a single loophole in the drafted contract can be dangerous for your client. The ability, aptitude, foundation, and experience of the individual drafting and/or auditing the agreement are vital for the powerful and effective execution of the agreement. Take in the key abilities for flawless drafting by taking the online course at law Updater on the grounds that in whatever field you wish to go, drafting is one such segment that dependably takes after.


 This module is specially made with a purview to check the ability of the legal interns at the end of the entire internship period. Legal interns’ will be provided with a particular task covering all above aspects and a report has to be submitted by them for about 2000-2500 words that will be sent for approval and after being approved a certificate would be issued to the in interns.

There is a lot for legal interns to learn from the courses at Law Updater. We at law Updater believe that           with the help of active participation from all we can excel in the legal field whilst getting to learn so many things from each other’s experiences and knowledge. Law Updater is a legal family that welcomes its interns and helps them in every possible manner.

Nature of Internship: Online.


  1. Get an internship certificate which will add value to your resume.
  2. Letter of recommendation
  3. You can attend event in the college as a INTERN of law updater.
  4. Get interpersonal skills, team management, presentation skills.
  5. You can acknowledge yourself as INTERN in your email signature, LinkedIn, Facebook and other places.

Certificate: The candidates who will perform all the assigned tasks in the given time limit will be given duly recognized certificates at the end of their internship.


If you are interested mail your resume supported with a cover letter on “

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