Low remuneration, reason for Late Justice

36 (1)The Let terrorist Mohammed Naved who was arrested almost one year ago on August 5, 2015 as he as nabbed by two courageous youngster of the village. He is a accused of attacking BSF convoy in Udhampur with another Pakistani terrorist resulting in killing of two personnel.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) investigated this case and filed the chargesheet. The Court provided Mr. Satinder Gupta as his lawyer who is from State Legal Services Authority   after Jammu Bar refused to defend him.

NIA wants the trial as soon as possible as this a sensitive case and the decision will also prove Pakistan’s complicity. But according to reports only 10 hearings in the case have taken place and only 4 witnesses have been examined till date which clearing shows how slow the case is running despite the fact that the accused is a terrorist.

Mr. Gupta clearing shows his displeasure towards this case as he is only being paid 1500/- for the case.“The remuneration is very low. It is either Rs 1,500 or Rs 3,000, I haven’t even bothered to check… I thought I would fight this case for the country and our criminal justice system,” Gupta told The Sunday Express.

He, however, said he could not give the court as much time as it demanded every month. “The court wanted to have three hearings (every fortnight). I refused. I said if I give four-five days to the case every month, and I need another four-five days for preparation, then you have taken 10 days of work from me in a month. I said in that case I would have to relieve myself from the case. The court understood and was kind enough to accommodate both my concerns as well as that of the NIA,” he said.

“It’s a cumbersome case. I have my full team dedicated to it. We have already incurred expenses to the tune of thousands of rupees. We have the trial in Urdu here, so we have to first translate everything into Hindi and English… I have to honour the court’s call to me for this case. So I will fight to the best of my ability,” said Gupta.




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