f_law-updater-ambassador-1Law Updater is that online legitimate entry that permits one to keep pace with the changing measurements of law. At Law Updater, we try to make an element and condor online lawful entrance so that the law understudies can keep up pace with everything most recent in the legitimate field. Entrances help in upgrading the lawful learning, mindfulness, legitimate news and the sky is the limit from there. Law Updater offers true blue capable and legitimate candidates to introduce their viewpoints and contemplations with concentrated research and get perceived before masses. One can discover a variety of helpful classifications that won’t just make one become acquainted with the opposite side of oneself yet will likewise make one stage ahead in the lawful field.

To make remarkable contributions in any area today, the role of the youth cannot be underestimated. This is mainly because youth like you are enthusiastic, energetic and committed to working to achieve greater heights in whatever they choose. This is the reason why Law Updater chose to create a designation for the younger generation like law understudies to take the responsibility of some important positions at our portal and realize the pleasure of doing a challenging task wherein one not only learns about the key skills that are required for completion of any role but also get to explore the attached benefits with such position.

CAMPUS AMBASSADOR is one such position at Law Updater that college going students like you all can apply for.  Just going through the textbooks and attending lectures is not sufficient in a field like law. One also needs to have some real time experience by interacting with web portals like ours as well as other students and members of the legal fraternity across India.

Join our group and partner yourself and your prestigious school/institution with LAW UPDATER and give every one of us late happenings and events in your school.


Law updater takes immense pleasure in announcing for Law understudies to apply for a challenging yet the rewarding position of Campus Ambassador for the year 2017-2018.


  • Informing us about any meeting, class, workshop in your school or some other school.
  • Conduct meetings of Dean, Director, Principal of your Law Faculty, prominent legitimate illuminating presences going by your law workforce, the visitors landing at your grounds and so on with the end goal of distribution on meeting area of Law Updater.
  • Promoting Law Updater in your Institution.
  • As Campus Ambassadors, you are relied upon to keep up a specific level of classification about the work assigned to you.
  • As an ambassador, you should always strive for Engaging in activities that call attention to the Law Updater.
  • Share the data posted on the site with various social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to connect with more and more.
  • Conduct workshops at your college campus and spread awareness on how legal research can be cone with the help of Law Updater.
  • One should be committed to dedicating some fixed time to the work of Law Updater to answer the queries of the students and other members who desire to get associated with Law Updater.


  • Learn and increase viable experience to oversee ventures.
  • Get yourself well-versed in legal research by having such an advanced legal research platforms
  • Get a letter of recommendation from the Law Updater.
  • Get a chance to interact with the eminent personalities from the legal fraternity.
  • Get internship opportunities at Law Updater to avail.

Application Procedure:

So if you think that you want to take up the position of campus ambassador for your college then write a brief statement of purpose along with your CV and send to On or before 15th December 2016. A member of our team will contact you soon regarding your joining as a campus ambassador.


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