SC allows Mumbai woman to abort 24-week foetus with no kidneys

news-update-2167665The Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed a Mumbai woman to abort her 24-week-old foetus that had no kidneys and would most likely die after birth. According to PTI, the apex court relied on Mumbai’s KEM Hospital medical board report stating that the foetus suffered from disorders and continuation of pregnancy would endanger mother’s life. This is the second case this year in which the Supreme Court has intervened to allow an exception under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, 1971.

Earlier on Monday, KEM Hospital had submitted its report to the apex court regarding the woman’s case. The court had asked the hospital to give its opinion on the case after diagnosing the petitioner and her foetus.


According to the woman’s petition, she was in her 21st week of pregnancy when the foetal growth anomaly termed as bilateral renal agenesis was diagnosed.The condition means absence or failure of both kidneys in body. This also causes deficiency in amniotic fluid that can cause further malformations in a baby. According to doctors, a baby with this anomaly cannot survive for more than four hours after birth.

Earlier, a 22-year-old Thane woman was allowed to undergo abortion after the Supreme Court observed that the foetus suffered from anencephaly, a life threatening condition in which the skull is not fully developed.

Source: The Indian Express


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