Search Engines must block sex determination ads: SC

1The Supreme Court on Thursday condemned search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft for not adhering to Indian laws by permitting online advertisement test prohibited in India.

The apex court ordered all companies to immediately constitute in-house expert bodies to identify and block keywords indicative of sex determination.

An apex court bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra observed that tech giants Google India, Yahoo India and Microsoft India were not honouring the Indian law by allowing online advertisements on sex determination tests, to which the companies responded and stated that they are complying with all laws.

“Google India, Yahoo India, and Microsoft India need to be more responsive. Earlier also, there were several examples of foreign jurisdictions banning similar content, so why not in India. They have not shown a proper attitude, by claiming that even content on illegal issues such as murder, rape cannot be blocked,” the apex court bench said.

The Centre has been directed to set up a nodal agency within a week to keep watch on these internet giants and take appropriate steps for removing offensive advertisements.


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