career_bannerLegal Referee is conducting its First Research Paper Competition on “Alternative Dispute Resolution: The future of litigation”.

Legal Referee is an online platform for resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution in India. Though this academic event, we aim to encourage students to delve into the current trend regarding the increased awareness and the demand for arbitration.


1. This event is open to all students (undergraduate/post-graduate) from all colleges in  India.

2. The last date for registration is 25th of March 2017 based on which Team Codes shall be assigned to participants.

3. No registration fee will be collected from the participants.

4. The students are required to submit the synopsis of the Research Paper by 10th April 2017 and the final submission shall be made on or before 20th April 2017.

5. The formatting specifications are:

a. Font: Times new roman

b. Font Size: 12

c. Font Space: 1.5

d. Margin: one inch on all sides

e. Maximum number of pages: 20 (excluding the synopsis)

f. Citation, if any should be in the form of footnotes following a uniform format

g. webliographies are also accepted.

6. A Team shall have a maximum of two members only

7. All submission will undergo strict plagiarism checks

8. Special consideration will be placed upon originality, applicability and feasibility  of the Research Paper in real world scenario, extent and the scope of the research.

9. The winning team will be awarded a Winner’s Certificate and a Cash Prize of Rs. 2,000.

10. First 5 best Research Papers will be published in the official site of the Legal Referee and a Certificate of Merit will be issued to the 5 teams.

11. All entries will be marked anonymously: Every team shall be allotted a team code after registering for the competition, and the team members shall only use their code during the competition. No team or team member shall disclose their identity anywhere in their submission. Non-compliance of this rule will result in immediate disqualification

12. The copyright in the Research Papers submitted by the participants shall vest with Legal Referee. Also, Legal Referee shall not be responsible for any liability accrued to any person or for any loss caused to any person because of the content of the paper.

13. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Legal Referee shall be final.

14. All teams must send the soft copies of their synopsis and Research Papers aper by in “.doc” or “.docx” format by email to admin@legalreferee.com by 10th April 2017 and 20th April 2017 respectively.

15. The document containing the essay shall be named according to the team code. For instance “synopsis-abc”, “Research Paper-abc”.

For more Details: CLICK HERE



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