Campus Ambassador Position @ Advocates Pedia Foundation: Apply by April 30

bannerAdvocates Pedia Foundation is inviting applications from undergraduate law students from law schools in India to join the Campus Ambassador Program.

Position Summary

We are seeking enthusiastic, highly creative individuals to work with the student acquisition and engagement team at Advocates Pedia Foundation.

You will be working with Head of campus ambassador committee at Advocates Pedia Foundation supervised by the founders to support a range of administrative, content editing, law networking, interviewing and promotion tasks.

You will play a vital role in student engagement as a part of the team by offering perspectives on various promotion and support related issues which is critical for registered users of website.

This position will suit someone with an interest in creative writing, communications and social media.

The position will require a dedication of 4 to 8 working hours per week.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Acting as an integral part of the team atAdvocates Pedia Foundation in attending online team meetings and Biography and other content writing training.
  2. Supporting social media and Advocatespedia project campaigns, as well as assisting with enquiry management at the campus level.
  3. Acting as a key contact betweenAdvocates Pedia Foundation subscribers at the campus and the support team.
  4. Involvement in creating academic and non-academic short legal write ups.
  5. Other activities as required to support non-profit imperatives.

All ambassadors are required to:

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to high-quality service delivery, including timely and efficient response times.
  2. Display a willingness to learn and adapt to processes, developing a keen sense of professional judgment.
  3. Develop and maintain effective and positive working relationships both within the team and with key stakeholders.

Benefits for Ambassadors

Applicants Selected for the Program will be eligible for following benefits.

  1. A comprehensive induction in Advocates Pedia Foundation website.
  2. Opportunity to network and grow contacts with law students and professionals from across the country.
  3. Ongoing supervision, mentoring and support during the term of the contract.
  4. Certificate of Experience to extraordinary law campus ambassadors.
  5. Publications on website.
  6. Interactions with practicing lawyers while conducting interviews for biography.

The detailed benefits will be explained to the selected ambassadors in the offer letter.

Selection Criteria

An application should possess following skills to be eligible to apply for this position.

  1. High level of verbal and interpersonal skills including a proven ability to edit, proofread and write clearly and accurately.
  2. An interest in written communications/storytelling and content marketing.
  3. Good IT skills and competencies, with a passion for technology and the ways it can be creatively used to enhance the student experience.
  4. An ability to learn independently.
  5. Initiative to manage workload, meet deadlines, problem solve in a mature manner, and escalate as appropriate.

Remuneration and Compensation

All the ambassadors will be remunerated on this basis of performances as and when decided by the governing body.


Direct your all queries related to the organizations and campus ambassadors to

How to Apply

Submit following documents as a part of your application

  1. Your current CV.
  2. Your cover letter – including a statement addressing the selection criteria.
  3. Write in not more than 500 words why you should be elected as campus ambassador for our organization.

Applications for the campus ambassadors should be made to:



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