CLAT Aspirants Beware: ILNU Exposed in fake placement data controversy

NewsProminent law school, Nirma University’s Institute of Law, finds itself embroiled in the midst of a raging row over its placement data. Students and alumni have raised concerns that the institute has misrepresented placement details ahead of admission season. Students and alumni are questioning the authenticity of information circulated after Institute of Law, Nirma University (ILNU) announced that their student was offered the highest pay package of Rs 16 lakh per annum in the placement season this year. They have started an e-mail chain, raising concerns about the institute’s timing of spreading such information as law schools will soon start admissions.

The ILNU Placement Data Controversy –
1. Ahmedabad Mirror’s 1st post stating false data [12th May 2017]   Read Here
2. Libertatem Magazine exposed ILNU and Ahmedabad Mirror stating true figures  [15th may 2017] Read Here
3. Ahmedabad Mirror defends itself by blaming ILNU of providing false data [17th may 2017]- Read Here
4. Ahmedabad Mirror goes ahead to cover this issue further, states ILNU threatens students [18th may 2017] Read Here


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