Lex Tenor Online Law Quiz Competition -2k18: Official Media Partner- Lexkhoj

38465869_520674955027835_3826537259092410368_nLEX TENOR – The Legal Village is now going to organise Law Quiz Competition by which any one can check the present status of his legal brain and win the Cash prize + Law book which enriches everyone’s mind.


Any Law student can participate in this legal brain checker competition.


Prize worth Rs. 1000 and A law book.

The prize will be distributed in following ways –

Winner –  Rs.  500/- + One Law Book which enriches everyone’s legal knowledge.

2nd – Rs. 300/-

3rd – Rs. 200/-


100 Rs. Only


  1. The organising team will provide a Web link to all registered participants prior to the competition commencement.
  2. There will be 50 questions and each question have four options.
  3. There will not be any negative marking.
  4. The time of competition – 25minutes.
  5. In case, if more than one participants will score same marks, the participants will get rank according to their performance accordingly-

 firstly – Constitution

secondly – Penal laws ( I.P.C & Cr. P.C).

Finally – Family laws

  1. competition may be held between 10:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M. ( the exact time will be notified ).


For registration anyone can mail his name, college/institution name, course/occupation to lextenor@gmail.com.

  1. Registration fee will be submitted either by cash or

By paytm on 8962865337. (or in case of transfer registration fee, you can contact to organising team)

*Note – After submission of your registration fee via paytm, please send screenshot of the same to lextenor@gmail.com

For more info –

Call or WhatsApp on 8962865337,  9455175886

Email – lextenor@gmail.com


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