Legal Articles

There is no violation of fundamental rights in beef banning

According to the early concept of Hindutava one should not eat the slaughter of cows or beef or any kind of meat. According to them it is a considered as a sinful activity not only from the eating of beef but also any kind of eating non-veg thing. Our government on one hand says that we have the Animals Preservation Laws to protect them from harassment or trafficking or slaughtered them for meat but on other hand they are allowing non-veg items but except beef so where are the rules gone.Read More

Arbitral Tribunal Vs. Courts

Arbitration is becoming an attractive dispute resolution mechanism due to its unique features. It is a specially designed tool established for the final and binding resolution of disputes. With the rapid growth of International Trade, parties are free to determine the terms of their business relationship Read More

Development of Competition Law in India

India has had a history of competitive markets.  However, the license raj regime, which continued until the early 1990’s (it might have been justified when conceived but had long outlived its utility), severely stunted economic development Read More

The controversial parameters on patent rights

Patents provide legal protection for inventors in order to prevent other people from making use of their ideas. However, when the ideas that are being protected are medicinal drugs, this can be very controversialRead More

Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility as expressed in the Companies Act 2013

The concept of CSR goes beyond charity or philanthropy and requires the company to act beyond its legal obligations and to integrate social, environmental and ethical concerns into its business process Read More

Failure of Constitutional Machinery of the State

Indian Constitution provides for a quasi-federal form of government which shall have both unitary as well as federal features. Thus, where autonomy has been given to the States in many respects, one such example being formation of laws on the subjects given under State list,Read More

Right to Education in the context of Child Labour

Child labour is a serious problem not only in India but all across the world. Labourer below the age of 14 years is called Child labour. It deprives them of their childhood and their dignity, which hampers their access to education.Read More

Protection of minority Shareholders under companies Act 2013

Democratic decisions are made in accordance with the majority decision and same rule was also applicable in the Companies cases also. As per the Companies Act 1956, shareholders who hold the majority of shares, rule the company.Read More

Extrajudicial Killings

Shooting merely on suspense or killing person unlawfully by police officer and armed force comes under the purview of extrajudicial killings. It takes place because of external forces such as political and other superior forces.Read More 

Economics of Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property is part of society’s innovation system, and it mainly focuses upon providing incentives to innovate by allowing innovators to restrict the use of the knowledge, for which they are allowed to impose the charges upon their innovative propertyRead More

Validity of Inter-religious Marriage in India

If the relationship is based on the true love and there is a reasonable understanding and flexibility, religion should not stand in the way of relationship. It is not necessary to that couple has to belong to the same religion to understand each other.  Read More

Emergency Provisions in the Constitution of India

Emergency is a unique feature of Indian Constitution that allows the center to assume wide powers so as to handle special situations. Emergency Provisions are contained in Part Eighteen of the Constitution of India.Read More

Education System in India

A sound education system is the foundation of sustained growth of a country. India has been a developing country and it is still considered the same. Why it is so? According to me India’s poor education system is stopping it from being a developed country. Read More


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